Research and Development

Research & Development is one of Studio Due key sector.  Supported by important hardware and software investments, the projects are entirely developed within the company: from the design concept to the digital prototyping, from the thermal and photometric analysis to the optics design and components selection.

Rendering and lighting calculation 

Lighting design is the key factor to define architecture spaces and to achieve visual comfort. Our lighting design office is fully available to run ad hoc lighting calculations.
If rendering, as a tool for simulating reality is the most "artistic" aspect of the design, the lighting calculation provides the measurement of the illumination of the area under test and is followed up to the final installation of the products.
Together with photorealistic simulations, the “artistic” side of the planning, the lighting verifications assure the correct quantity of light and are followed up from the first steps till the final installations of the products.

Tests and Certifications 

The lighting tests on the products are carried out internally. The lighting calculations and measurements on prototypes and fittings are performed in the Photometric Laboratory while all the tests of Glow Wire, endurance, thermal behaviour, IP rating insulation and mechanical resistance take place in the Tests Laboratory. Studio Due  fixtures are marketed after passing the most severe technical reliability tests in compliance with the norms in force.


As proof of the high quality of its products, Studio Due offers a five-year warranty on its entire range of products. For further details please consult the file "Warranty conditions"

For more details see the "Warranty Conditions".

Made in Italy and tailor-made solutions

The whole design and  production process takes place at the Viterbo plant allowing total quality control. The in-house chain and the craftsmanship know-how have as a natural consequence the possibility to customize each project in a tailor-made and exclusive way and to follow each step: from lighting calculation to the offer, from the mock-up to logistics up to an efficient after sale customer service. Each product is declined in a complete and integrated family to ensure architects and professionals visual coherence for each project.

Marine Grade process

The double painting process (optional) is offered for all applications in outdoor environment, that could include highly polluted towns, waterfronts, very sunny places or areas which are generally exposed to harsh weather conditions.

The Marine Grade process is carried out in three phases:

  • chemical pre-paint surface treatments

  • epoxy powder primer

  • polyester powder colour coating

Operating Lease 

Studio Due offers its customers the Operating Lease service, which allows them to get hold of our devices by paying a fee including maintenance costs, for contractual periods from 18 to 60 months and to return them at the end of the lease period.
For further information: [email protected]

For more information: [email protected]

Eco-sustainable Production 

Environmental policies play a significant role for Studio Due in every field of our activity.Our fittings are manufactured with eco-friendly materials and working processes, optimizing production cycles and resources.