STUDIO DUE is a company specialized in the design and production of outdoor LED lighting fixtures. Founded in 1982 with headquartes in Viterbo and branch in Great Britain, it has undergone constant evolution becoming one of the most reputable manufacturers in the international market.

The claim “Emotion and Creativity in Light” summarizes our corporate mission: providing reliable and performing lighting solutions in the pursuit of visual comfort and with the constant aim of arousing emotions. For this purpose, even before producing luminaires, Studio Due creates light for architecture as well as for the landscape, industry and urban spaces. 

The entire production cycle of Studio Due is in Italy meaning a company strongly rooted in its territory and deeply aware of the importance of Made in Italy. For over 40 years, continuous investments in R&D and new applications of LED technology have made it possible to produce sustainable and recyclable luminaires with very high lighting performances.

Thanks to its industrial and commercial organization Studio Due collaborates with architects, lighting designers, landscape architects, urban planners, engineers, public and private clients searching for excellence in terms of quality of materials, technological innovation, possibility of customization and reliability in pre and post sales services.


CitycoloR10, Archiled400, ColorFlow

2021  -  2020

Compact, CompactBar, MegaWhite series

LedCannon, Smart  series, 

2017  -  2016

Citybeam LED

MP series

2015  -  2014

WL monochromatic

Single e Dual

2013  -  2012


Easycolor rechargeable battery fixture

2008  -  2007

Archibar series

The LED era begins with Archiled150

2002  -  2001

XS 1200 and XS 700

Shark 150 and Shark 250

2001  -  1999



1999  -  1998

Evolution of CityColor in 2500W version and new CityBeam

The first CityColor 1800W is presented at the SIB in Rimini.

1997  -  1993

Live Pro 1200

Stratos and Mini Beam


(Outdoor version of Moon Flower)

It's the turn of the Magnum


Top Scan (Moon Flower variation with motorized mirror)

Vary Beam
(first Moving Light produced in Europe)

1984  -  1983

During the second SIB in Rimini, theMoon Flower

During the first SIB in Rimini, the following is presented.OCL (Optical Collimator Laser) 


in 1982 with head office in Viterbo and branch office in Britain, has experienced steady evolution to become a leading company in the international market.