Colosseum - Rome

Modern meets ancient:
Colosseum lit up in purple for World Prematurity DayFor 

For nearly 2,000 years the Colosseum has served as a symbol of ancient Rome having played host to gladiatorial contests and public spectacles in Roman times and functioning as housing, workshops, a fortress and a quarry in medieval times. 

Elettronica Mix, long-standing partner of Studio Due, was commissioned by the Italian Society of Neonatology (SIN) to help raise awareness about prematurity and its impact on infants and their families with an original light show involving the Colosseum, undisputed symbol of our country. 

Roberto Toni (Elettronica Mix), who took care of both designing and programming, explained:  
“The Colosseum in Rome is a 185 meters wide venue, and the performance took place outside. As Studio Due products can be used outside with their IP67 rating we could focus more on the visual renderer rather than on how protecting them from severe weather weather conditions. 
Studio Due products provided the power needed to project light 150 meters away. 
The different zooms and lenses provided, as well as the brightness of the projectors, allowed to achieve the desired effect.
The installation was a success and Studio Due products performed very well

5 x MPColor48
2 x MPColor24
4 x Archiled200
8 x Studioled600

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