Theater Winterthur - Switzerland

The imposing theater building in Winterthur (30 Km northeast of Zurich) hosts some top quality performances by  international guest ensembles. The institution’s program covers musical theatre, drama, dance and children’s and youth theater. The venue also regularly stages events like jazz concerts and readings.    

The intervention of Marco Cereda of ECM and STUDIO DUE at the Theater Winterthur is a triumph of creativity and technological innovation. This collaboration illuminates not only the roof, but also the imagination of those beneath it. Winterthur, already famous for its culture and artistic heritage , is preparing to experience a light showthat will make every performance an unforgettable experience.

 The protagonists of this lighting show are the STUDIO DUE PARLED 300PRO (rgbw).  With their powerful RGBW light source, these projectors are capable of creating a wide range of colours, giving the Theater Winterthur’s roof unrivaled versatility. The high luminous efficiency guarantees uniform coverage of every architectural detail, ehile the LED technology ensures long life and low energy consumption.  

To orchestrate the symphony of lights on the roof marco Cereda chose the STUDIO DUE DRS DMX REMOTE SETUP, a contro system which allows precise and flexible management of the lights, offering the freedom to create unique light shows for every occasion.  

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