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 • La Perle Theatre - Al Habtoor city, Dubai




 • Rotterdam (Netherlands) - KPN World Short Track Speed Skating Championships

   CitycolorLED RGBW/FC



 • Pula, roman amphitheater (Croatia) - Gibonni & Oliver concert

    CitycolorLED RGBW/FC



 • Arena di Verona (Italy) - 2CELLOS concert

    CitycolorLED RGBW/FC



 • Ford Event - Zegreb (Croatia)

    CitycolorLED RGBW (Ford car dealership show)



 • Hungary Stadium

    n. 16 Citycolor RGB: Papp Laszlo Sportarena Budapest. (EHF Final 4s opening show)



  • MILK disco club in Viterbo (Italy)
    Nanoled and Parled 200 rgb. 



  • Croatia (HR)
    Archiled 300 (rgbwa) and CityColor (cym) create dramatic effect for wedding events. 



  • Rock Opera "HOCUS-POCUS", National Theatre in VaraĹždin (Croatia)

  Archiled 300 rgbw



  • Opera Vincent and Lucia, Linz (Austria)

  Archiled 300 rgbw



  • Ronan Keating concert Manchester (UK)

  Cityled/C rgb



  • Radionorba concert 

  Cityled/C rgb
  CS4/C 250 spot line
  Shark 250/C 



  • Concert

  CS4/C 250 spot line


  • Music Award event (Armenia)

  CS4/C 250 spot line

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