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• Exhibition and convention center - Puebla


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The new exhibition and convention center of Puebla, is defined as the largest of its kind in Latin America.

To accommodate various events, the exhibition center is formed mainly in 3 blocks for a total space of  more than 49 thousand square meters and a square of 17 thousand square meters. 

During the opening day on Tuesday 25 January, the governor of Puebla, Mario Marín, Blanca Alcala Municipal President and Secretary Javier Garcia de SEDUOP extended speeches in the presence of the guests, making mention of the virtues of Exhibitor Center. 

The complex architecture and function required  the possibility to experiment  new materials and trends of solid state lighting.

The dimensions of the exhibition center as well as the power consumption matter required the implementation of products based on the LED technology.

Studio Due in collaboration with Citelum Mexico   wanted to light up all perimeter around the  convenction center using the Archibar 150.

The Archibar 150 was the perfect match for this kind of installation. From the top to the bottom with a particular arm detached from the facades, were installed 176 Archibar 150 using a lens of 40° to reach a uniform light in all the points of the facades.

The needs were so different as to illuminate the ramps to the facades of more than 15m in height of the main buildings. 

The new construction, was completed also lighting up the planetarium, which recently received an overhaul of its housing so characteristic as a pyramid, the new lobbying vehicle, a dry fountain, flagpoles and diverse vegetation in planters which together with lighting indicative placed on the floor across the plaza, unifies the project.

The main actor of the enclosure, is undoubtedly the front that defines the function rooms which he placed a "curtain" of light that bathe its 4-sided top with 177 linear LED projectors, programmed in such a way that makes games of colors and sequences that liven up the space. Complementing the illumination of facades, also placed 3 projectors supersized images alternating with lighting to show on it and that may be used later mind with images designated by the customer.

One of the facades has a lattice where projectors were placed gobos that change color, shape and position, so they play in walls and floor, accompanied by a change of color from other projectors. 

In the source, the lighting sequences alternating with the other elements allow us to see a play of colors on the arches of water that form and at some point a "flash" of colored lights that seem that it's raining in that apart from the square. 

By looking at lighting as a whole, generates a space that while not too bright, it gives us a warm and versatile that invites us to walk on and live it. 

The new lighting is not limited to this area but extends into the surrounding streets with a next-generation lighting and ambient lighting in green and white in the trees there.


Lighting Project Datas:

Customer: Centro expositor y de convenciones Puebla
Lighting Designer: Omar Bermudez
Contractor: Citelum Mexico
Product Used: 176 Archibar 150 rgbw + photowall 1200

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