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• Fairmont Hotel - Dubai


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The Fairmont Hotel Dubai lighting project is an ambitious renovation of the existing lighting scheme of this luxury hotel in the United Arab Emirates recently marked by Studio Due Light in partnership with HAJI Commercial.

A pure example of replacement traditional CYM lighting fixtures with more gentle and energy saving LEDs solutions supplied from Studio Due Light.

In 2002  have been  installed at this prestigious hotel, 160 pieces of  575 W discharge lamp luminaries designed for dynamic and creative illumination of facades, to give the effect of an eye-catching wash of colour to the hotel’s four concave facades and rooftop turrets.

The building facade is made of alternating columns of glass and granite.

The colour changers,  were in a vertical position on specific wall brackets positioned on the 32nd and 9th floors.

The aim was to wash the building with powerful metal halide flood light, to give the hotel greater flexibility in the lighting scheme - for example, painting with various color schemes for festivals and other occasions.

The new LED Lighting scheme

Nowadays following the LED technology and its benefits, the management of the Fairmont Hotel wanted maintain the aim of the original lighting design using LEDs products to avoid the replacement of the lamps and to save energy.

The mission to find the right product to replace the traditional lighting fixtures, was given to the HAJI commercial company -  one of the leading Agents, Distributors, and Project Suppliers to many prestigious projects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Northern Emirates -  which visited Studio Due Light booth during Light & Building 2010.

The product presented all the characteristics to do the job properly, maintaining the wall mounting and especially  the original lighting scheme, which was characterised for several vertical sheaf’s light crossing each other from the top to the bottom as to create a unique source of light.  

An height of 80 meters should have been covered with a small size LEDs product, having in mind the objective to save energy avoiding the lamp’s replacement issue.

The Archiled 300 was the right product.

With a 10° lens to cover uniformly from the bottom to the top 80 meters along side the facades, the Archiled 300  accomplished properly the lighting scheme originally designed with metal halide 575W lamps. 

Small size, compact design, robust case and impressive light output. 

These were the drivers which convinced the Fairmont Hotel's board of directors  to invest in Studio Due LED lighting fixtures after several tests in which different competitor’s products were positioned in a pure product’s comparation based on more then one parameter.

Light output, reliability, competitive cost and warranty.

The Archiled 300, can reach the depth of 40 meters from the bottom to the top of each facade.

 A customization to harmonize the product to the rest of the building was done, shipping the furniture in Silver Grey finish.

The power consumption matter was one of the most important topic to consider.

The light output of the Archiled 300 is astonishing if we consider the relative power  needed to feed the 96 Rebel LEDs,  while the traditional light fixture replaced,  required permanently the triple power to feed the lamp. 

Furthermore the Archiled 300 when just one colour is on,  requires 1/4 of the  power that a traditional 575 discharge lamp needs.

The technical department of Studio Due combined with the excellent  support and  follow up  of  HAJI  was  able to assume a very large energy saving to be used as key selling point.

Investing in LED lighting does not result in immediate savings, but does promote significant savings over time. 

The Archiled 300 replaces each product , maintaining the original mounting wall so to avoid to change the brackets.

The soft weight of the Archiled 300 allow the technical equipe to install the fixtures simply dismantling the previous product and replacing the products from Studio Due.


Lighting Project Datas

Customer: Fairmont Hotel Dubai
Contractor: Haji Commercial
Product Used: 176 Archiled 300 rgbwa

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