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National Institute of Dramatic Art: NIDA - Kensigton (Australia)


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The National Institute of Dramatic Art located in Kensington, Sydney is a landmark educational building that also offers an award winning and spectacular theatre complex. When the building opened in 2002 the idea of lighting the building up at night to herald an event taking place was implemented. Consequently some Griven Kolorados were installed but late last year the time came to replace these fixtures.

“They’re well past their use by date,” commented Rob Kelly, NIDA’s Technical Supervisor. “They use too much power and we had to service them a lot. Ultimately, we ended up not servicing them and so the building hasn’t been lit for about two years.”

Rob has spent quite a bit of time finding a good product within a reasonable price range to get the job done and LED fixtures were the obvious choice.

“We looked at a few different products and working with Bytecraft we eventually chose the StudioDue ArchiLEDs,” he said. “We ended up purchasing twenty-three ArchiLEDs which do the job satisfactorily but I think we need a couple more to finish the job.”

Ten ArchiLED fixtures, with a 23° throw, are positioned on the roof of the building from where they can light up the ‘veil’ of the building (an aluminium wave-shaped structure). The remaining thirteen ArchiLEDs, with 15° horizontal 90° vertical lenses, are situated inside the foyer from where they can shoot light down feature architectural panels.

Usually the building is lit in the one solid lighting state of a deep pink similar to the Parade Theatre’s logo colour. However client’s who hold events in the foyer can now choose any colour that they wish or even chases. Similarly NIDA can choose from a myriad of colours for special occasions.

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