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LED wall washer

Studio Due Light wall washer line, offers a wide kit of tools for lighting designers, architects and lighting experts to plan a variety of designs for outdoor lighting applications.
Conceived with in mind the Italian design, the product’s range includes severals LED lighting fixtures with different shapes, light output and optics.
Featuring the last generation of LEDs technology, the range includes optics for grazing and flood lighting applications.

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DUAL 80 RGBW/FC (High Power)
art. 1406

Elegant and powerful, IP67, the DUAL 80 RGBW/FC is a twin headed LED Lighting fixture with a very wide light output. Using 80 high brightness LEDs RGBW/FC the fixture combines an innovative optic system with large diameter lenses.
The... Learn More

MP-COLOR48 RDM RGBW (LEDs independent segment control)
art. 1941


Wash/flood light fixture with 6 independent segment control 8 LEDs, which can be controlled individually to create engaging eye candy that enhances any live production.

This type of luminous performance ... Learn More

STUDIOLED 600 RGBWA (High Power)
art. 1001

The STUDIOLED 600 RGBWA is the most powerful LEDs colour changer within Studio Due product's range.
Mixing the intensity of the 5 LEDs groups, the STUDIOLED 600 RGBWA enables the realization of millions of variety of colors and reach a very high lum... Learn More

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