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CityColor LED/E RGBW/FC (Full Color)

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  • New CityColor LED/E RGBW/FC (Full Color)
  • New CityColor LED/E RGBW/FC (Full Color)
  • New CityColor LED/E RGBW/FC (Full Color)
  • New CityColor LED/E RGBW/FC (Full Color)
  • New CityColor LED/E RGBW/FC (Full Color)
  • New CityColor LED/E RGBW/FC (Full Color)
  • New CityColor LED/E RGBW/FC - the optional XRL-Powercon adapter
  • CityColor LED/E with optional ANTI GLARE
  • CityColor LED/E with optional  BARN DOOR
  • CityColor LED/E with optional ANTI GLARE + BARN DOOR
  • CityColor LED/E with optional FROST filter


art. 1302/E

Quick Overview

The CITYCOLOR LED/E is an high powerful LED outdoor lighting fixture, designed with unique features. It uses 5050-20W-RTBH RGBW LEDs.
This fixture is suitable for applications where a powerful and large light output is required. The compact CITYCOLOR LED is particularly useful for lighting hire companies for use on tours, festivals, large events, in theatres and for film and TV studios productions. The product incorporates all the features of its historicaly famous predecessor, the CITYCOLOR, but has several key advantages due to the cutting edge “Flicker Free on camera“ LED technology and renewed streamlined aesthetics.

• Standard fixture colour finishing is black. Optional grey and white (art. FX-COLOUR).

• Same light output of traditional Citycolor.
• 1/3 of its power consumption.
• 1/3 of its weight.
• Up to 65° wide beam angle.
• Small and lightweight.

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Product Attachments

View FileTechnical Drawings (art. 1302 - 13021)    Size: (1.67 MB)

DXF and PDF files

View FileDatasheet CityColor LED RGBW/FC (art. 1302/E)    Size: (98.46 KB)

rel. 04/20

View FileUser Manual (art. 1302/E)    Size: (1.24 MB)

rel.6 - 04/20


  n. 120 (5050-20W-RTBH) LEDs
  610W total light power
  Total lm: R 9600, G 22000, B 3400, W 22000
  Square Open (10ºx30º) 38mm lenses
  On request: 8°, 15°, 25°, 40°, 60° (38 mm lenses)

  Available as accessory:
  - Frame holder (required to mount the barn-door and the anti-glare)
  - 65° plan-filter (kit 2 pcs.) 
  - Barn-door with extensions (kit 4 pcs.)
  - Anti-glare (kit 2 pcs.)
  Manual 240° 
  2 adjustable light blocks +9° each
  Standard interface: RS-485, optocoupled input 
  Protocol: USITT DMX512
  Signal: 4pin IP 67 connector (male-female)
  Main Power: 3x1mm cable 1,5mt.
  Available as accessories:
  - XLR 3/5pin+Powercon in-out box
  - Wireless DMX receiver
  n. 4 eyebolts for safety chains
  Control panel with touch technology
  Led display with flip function
  Dedicated DMX channel for white balance
  DMX or Auto mode with Master-Slave function
  Intelligent temperature control
  Flicker-free function
  Smooth dimming function
  Halogen simulation
  CYM simulation
  IP 64
  - 9CH mode
  - 5CH mode
  - 4CH mode
  Voltage range: 100-240Vac
  Frequency range: 47-63Hz
  Active Power factor: PF>0.95/230VAC, PF>0.98/115VAC
  Current: 2,8A@230VAC; Fuse T10A
  Power: 650W
  WxDxH:  680x145x640 mm
  Weight:  32 Kg.



  - art. 35FC-10BL
    38mm lens for narrow beam



  - art. 35FC-20BL
    38mm lens for medium beam



  - art. 35FC-40BL
    38mm lens for wide beam



  - art. 35FC-20.30BL SO
    38mm Square Opening lens 20°x30° beam



  - art. CCLED-FRH
    frame holder required for assembly of anti glare and barn door of CITYCOLOR LED




  - art. CCLED-AG
    anti glare kit  (2 pcs.) for CITYCOLOR LED (without frame holder)




  - art. CCLED-BD
    barn door kit with extension (4 pcs.) for CITYCOLOR LED (without frame holder)



  - art. CCLED-FROST
    wide beam kit 65° (2 pcs.) for CITYCOLOR LED (does not require the frame holder)


  - art. CCLED-AD BOX
    XLR + Powercon adapter box (IP20) for CITYCOLOR LED



  - art. CLAMP/C
    professional aluminium clamp (all fixtures)



  - art. FFB/C
    aluminium fast fixing bracket 



  - art. WI PCB-REC
    wireless on board DMX 512 receiver



  - art. CCLED CASE
    Flight case for n. 2 CityColor LED and their accessories (with wheels)



    IP 67 rate male and female connectors (without cable)



  - art. AL DMX AD
    4 PIN / XLR twin cable



  - art. SAFETY WIRE/C
    safety steel cable, black color + plastic protection