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Architectural lighting fixtures

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SINGLE 300 DRS WB (White Balance)
art. 1107

The SINGLE 300 DRS/WB is a smart LED Lighting fixture which emit white light.
Suitable for exterior architectural applications,  this floodlight, is the first LED fixture extre... Learn More

ARCHILED 150 DRS WB (White Balance)
art. 1108

The ARCHILED 150 DRS / White Balance belong to the ARCHILED family. It’s a variation of the ARCHILED 64M with more features specifically for the white balance functio... Learn More

art. 1111

The ARCHIBAR 100 DRS White Balance is a LED lighing bar available with 2700 K and 6000 K white light to meet any design specification.
ARCHIBAR 100 DRS White Balance is the comp... Learn More

WR 80WB (White Balance)
art. 14111

The WR series is a new range of LED lighting fixture with a smart and attractive design.
Utlilizes 80 high brightness LEDs combined with an innovative optic system with antiglare reflectors.
Particularly adapt to light up objects... Learn More

T-BRIGHT 400 White Balance (High Power)
art. 15251-15252

The new T-BRIGHT family is a new series of small form factor, compact and lightweight wall washers line, designed to minimize the dimensions of a LED lighting fixture keeping an high level of lumen package in a very compact design.
The T-BRIGHT 4... Learn More

ARCHIBAR SL200/WB (White Balance)
art. 15182

The ARCHIBAR SL200/WB it has the same shape and design of the ARCHIBAR SL300 but with less powerful LEDs. Suitable for applications where the objet to lit up isn't higher then 15 meters. 

ARCHIBAR SL200/WB (white balance) is equipped with&n... Learn More

ARCHIBAR SL100/WB (White Balance)
art. 15172

The ARCHIBAR SL100/M it is equipped with 14 LEDs. 
It's the base version of the new Archibar line in terms of light output and kind of LEDs used. 
This version is available in MONOCHROMATIC light source.

Available in 4 differ... Learn More

SLIMBAR FLAT/WB (White Balance)
art. 1712

The SLIMBAR FLAT/WB is an ultra small form factor LED LINEAR BAR with IP67 rating protection.
This kind of LED linear bar series is suitable for accent lighting.
Available in different light source:
- RGBW with high efficiency RGBW LEDs
- ... Learn More

ARCHIBAR ST80/WB (White Balance)
art. 1742

The ARCHIBAR ST80/WB (White Balance) It's suitable for applications where the aim it to be seen from far. 
This kind of LED bar is suitable for accent lighting and is available in double light source, RGBW and MONOCHROMATIC.

Available ... Learn More

TERRA PLUS-T / WB RDM (White Balance)
art. 1734

Inground LED fixture with 24 powerful white LEDs (n.12 - 2900K + n.12 - 5000K). IP67 rating protection.

It is possible to adjust the TILT position of the fixture.
The motorized tilt adjustment function (by dedicated DRS Se... Learn More

TERRA PLUS / WB RDM (White Balance)
art. 1731

Inground LED fixture with 24 powerful white LEDs (n.12 - 2900K + n.12 - 5000K). IP67 rating protection.

TERRA PLUS / WB RDM (White Balance) can be used to decorate columns, pillars, along walkways, on patios, in steps, to ... Learn More

ARCHILED 200 WB (White Balance)
art. 17011

The ARCHILED 200 is the last version of the Archiled range. It’s even more compact (only 100mm depth), elegant, highly reliable and even more robust from a mechanical point of view.
IP 67 rating protection.
White Balance (WB) or Monochromatic (M) ve... Learn More

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