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Architectural lighting fixtures

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art. 13021

The CITYCOLOR LED is an high powerful LED lighting fixture, designed with unique features.
Available with RGBW/full color HIGH EFFICIENCY CREE XML 20W LEDs.
The product is suitable for applications where a powerful and large light output is required. Wit... Learn More

art. 1302/E

This version differs from art. 13021 for the type of LEDs. It uses EDISON FEDERAL 5050 12W LEDs, instead of CREE XML 20W LEDs as the 13021 version.
The CITYCOLOR LED/E is an high powerful LED lighting fixture, designed with unique features.
The... Learn More

DUAL 80 RGBW/FC (High Power)
art. 1406

Elegant and powerful, IP67, the DUAL 80 RGBW/FC is a twin headed LED Lighting fixture with a very wide light output. Using 80 high brightness LEDs RGBW/FC the fixture combines an innovative optic system with large diameter lenses.
The... Learn More

T-COLOR 6C RGBWAUV black light (High Power)
art. 1607

Designed to obtain the maximum performance with a minimal amount of space.
Using 6 colours, 63 high powerful RGBW/FC LEDs + 18 PC-AMBER LEDs + 18 UV LEDs (black light), the new TURBO-COLOR 6C is the most powerful and efficient LED Lighting... Learn More

T-COLOR RGBW/FC (High Power)
art. 1405

Designed to obtain the maximum performance with a minimal amount of space, the new TURBO-COLOR it’s the most powerful and efficient LED Lighting fixture you can find within the single head category. Using 60 high powerful LEDs RGBW/F... Learn More

art. 1603

The new T- BRIGHT family becomes smaller and powerful. Designed to minimize the dimensions of a LED lighting fixture keeping an high level of lumen package in a very compact design.
The T-BRIGHT PLUS RGBW/FC is particularly adapt for to... Learn More

SINGLE 40 RGBW/FC (High Power)
art. 1403

Refined and compact, IP67, the new SINGLE 40 RGBW/FC (Full Color) is a LED Lighting fixture with a large and uniform light output.
High brightness LEDs RGBW/FC, combines an innovative optic system with a wide beam and a superb color mixing... Learn More

SINGLE 20 RGBW/FC (High Power)
art. 1402

The new SINGLE 20 RGBW/FC (Full Color) is a refined and compact, IP67 LED Lighting fixture with a large and uniform light output.
The fixture uses high brightness LEDs RGBW/FC and combines an innovative optic system wit... Learn More

art. 1702

The ARCHI 40 is the new small and innovative RGBW wall washer, suitable to light-up areas with vibrant colors.
The fixture is IP67 and it is encased in a robust and reliable case. 

• Standard fixture colour finishing is grey. Opti... Learn More

STUDIOLED 600 RGBWA (High Power)
art. 1001

The STUDIOLED 600 RGBWA is the most powerful LEDs colour changer within Studio Due product's range.
Mixing the intensity of the 5 LEDs groups, the STUDIOLED 600 RGBWA enables the realization of millions of variety of colors and reach a very high lum... Learn More

STUDIOLED 400 RGB/FC (High Power)
art. 1112

The STUDIOLED 400 RGB/FC is a new LEDs full colour changer. Characterized for the use of 60 RGB chip LEDs full colour of 3W each, the product belong for shape and final applications to the STUDIOLED family. Compatible for both architectural and entertainment ... Learn More

CITYCOLOR 2500 IP54 (CYM System)
art. 0003

The most famous and world-wide appreciated CityColor, is completely produced in Italy. CityColor 2500 is a very powerful wash light fixture with an IP54 rate.
Thanks to an extremely efficient optic syst... Learn More

CITYCOLOR 1800 IP54 (CYM System)
art. 0002

Great for lighting buildings, commercial malls, exhibition centers or just about anything that needs a massive wash of colour with full CMY colour control.
Unlimited variety of colours and shades. High resol... Learn More

CITYBEAM 2000 IP54 (CYM system)
art. 0203

An extremely efficient optic system, an high IP rate and endless possibilities of usage are the main features of the CityBeam 2000 IP54, a projector conceived with the same metal outlook as the CityColor although completely differ... Learn More

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