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The beauty of the things quite often is concealed in the darkness of the night. The role of the Architectural Lighting is to unveil the details of the shapes, of the spaces of the object to light up.

Strategically positioned architectural lighting can enhance the physical appearance of all types of buildings and structures.
The architectural light system consist of a kit of tools a lighting designer or an architect has a disposition. 
Architectural lighting adds another dimension and the introduction of coloured light and colour changing light provides additional impact.

Colour and colour changing lighting effects improves the aesthetics of not just the buildings but the adjacent urban spaces and local environment too.

Exterior architectural lighting products have high IP ratings but still can be used indoors.
Exterior lighting needs an high level of protection from the environment or weather.
Nowadays the Architectural Light system is moving towards the LED technology.

LED technology has many advantages over more traditional methods of lighting.
LED lighting is energy efficient which reduces the energy consumption and the carbon footprint of the building. 
LEDs have longevity they have a life of over 50000 hours in comparison to halogen lamps which last for hundreds of hours. 
LEDs require much less maintenance than their halogen or metal halide equivalents helping to reduce such costs to a minimum.

LED lighting is ecologically friendly , it has no mercury or IR and Uv components.
LED lighting is safe. Better light quality means increased comfort.
LED lighting is instant and can be easily switched on and off with no detriment to the fixture unlike metal halide floods which do not have a hot restrike ability.





 • Grigore T. Popa - University of Medicine e Farmacy - Iassy, Romania

   SINGLE20 (rgbw)
   ARCHILED 200 (rgbwa) 
   TERRA PLUS (rgbw)
   ARIA (rgbw) 


 • Truong Tien Bridge - Hue City, Vietnam

   ARCHILED 200 (rgbwa) 



 • Verti Music Hall - Berlin, Germany

   PARLED 100 (rgbw)
   custom bracket and custom filter 



 • Novomatic Forum - Vienna, Austria

   TERRA PLUS-T RDM (rgbw)
   ARCHI 40 (rgbw)
   SLIMBAR (rgbw
   PARLED100 (rgbw) 


 • Luxury newspaper Headquarters - Uccle, Bruxelles

   TERRA L3 (Monochromatic)
   ARCHIBAR SL100 (White Balance)
   ARCHIBAR SL200 (White Balance)
   ARCHIBAR SL300 (rgbw)


 • Abu Dhabi and Sharjah flags - UAE

   CITYBEAM LED (rgbw)
   WL 60 UN (Ultra Narrow) monochromatic



 • Arts Centre Melbourne - Australia




 • Asker Church, Akershus - Norway (Warm sense of light)

   WL30 (monochromatic - dimmable)



 • Business Administration School Oslo - Norway

   T-COLOR 6C (rgbwauv)
   PARLED200 (rgbw/fc)
   T-BRIGHT 400 (white balance)
   PIN LIGHT (monochromatic)


 • Teigkamptunnelen - Lillehammer, Norway

   ARCHILED (custom version)



 • Norwegian Parliament Building - Oslo, Norway

   ARCHIBAR SL100/M (monochromatic)



 • Harpe Bridge, Norway

   PARLED100 (rgbw)



 • Laagen Bridge, Norway

   WR40 (monochromatic)
   ARCHIBAR SL300 (monochromatic) 



  • Perth, AUDI car dealeship (Australia)
    CityColor 2500 washes the Audi car dealership 



 • Wind Turbine, Green Park - Reading (UK)

   CitycolorLED (rgbw/fc)
   CitybeamLED (rgbw/fc)
   T-Color 6C (rgbwauv) 


 • Steibrua Bridge - Alvdal, Norway

   WL30UN (Ultra Narrow) monochromatic



 • Gdansk Bridge - Poland

   Archiled 200 (rgbw/fc)



  • National Grand Theatre (Beijing)
    Citybeam create an amazing scenery in Beijing



 • Princess by Mundo Imperial Resort - Acapulco, Mexico

   Dual 80 (rgbw/fc)



 • Saab Arena - Linköping, Svezia

   Archibar (rgbw/fc)



 • Castle Cornet - Guernsey

   T-Color (rgbw/fc)



 • Living Project GEOFORT - Herwijnen (Netherlands)

   Terra L3 (rgbw/fc)


 • Villa Pisani, Riviera del Brenta (Italy)

   Archiled FC (rgbw/fc)
   Easycolor 12 (rgbw/fc)
   Studioled 600 (rgbwa) 


 • Porscheplatz, Stuttgart (Germany) 

   WL30 UN (Ultra Narrow)


 • KL Tower, Kuala Lumpur (Malesia) 

   Dual 80 rgbw/fc 
   CityBeamLED24 rgbw/fc 
   Archiled FC rgbw/fc


 • UBT Tower, Uberlandia (Brasil)

   CityColorLED rgbw/fc 
   CityBeamLED24 rgbw/fc 
   CityBeamLED12 rgbw/fc 
   Archibar40 rgbw


 • UK Lighting project

   CityColorLED rgbw/fc 




 • Centro Comercial Tunal, Bogotà (Colombia)

   Citybeam LED12 rgbw/fc




 • Ullevaal stadion - (Oslo)

    Single 300 rgbw (WI-FI) 




 • Old warehouse via Opera house, Bjorvika (Oslo)

    Single 128/M (dimmable monochromatic) 




 • The botanical garden of Padova - (Italy)

    EasyColor 12rgbw/fc 
    Archiled 300 rgbwa
    Studioled 600 rgbwa



 • Petrofac - petroleum company - Sharjah (UAE)

    Archiled 200 RGBW, n. 5 studioled 400 RGB/FC on top (LITE-TECH Industries LLC)  




 • Colosseum Kino Cinema (Oslo)

   Archiled150DRSWB, 10 Archibar150RGBW and 2 XS700 light up the cinema dome.




 • Kuwait City, Marina Tower” (Kuwait)

   Studio Due light replace its CityColor 1800W and MiniCity 150W (discharge lamp)
   with Single400 rgbw and Archiled300 rgbw LED fixtures for a substantial energy saving.



 • Ashdod, The Eye of the Sun event” (Israel)

   Dual 800 rgbw washes the "eye" structure on the seafront in Ashdod for the "Eye of the Sun" event.



 • Riva del Garda, Lido Palace Hotel (Italy)
    EasyColor 12 rgbw/fc and Archiled 300 rgbwa wash the facade and the garden
    of this luxury hotel in Italy 



  • Perth, AUDI car dealeship (Australia)
    CityColor 2500 washes the Audi car dealership 



  • Istanbul, Türkiye Radyo Televizyon (Turkey)
    Single 400 RGBA (custom) and Photowall 1200e create an amazing effects at the
    Turkish Radio and Television Headquarter in Istanbul



  • Bridge on E6: Andelva - Oslo (Norway)
    Archiled 64/M solve the wodden bridges lighting



  • Sur, Khor Al Batah bridge (Oman)
    Cityled rgb create a visual delight on 1st suspension bridge in Oman



  • Oaxaca city (Mexico)
    Single 400 rgbw and Archiled 200 rgbw create amazing scenarios 



  • Al Munajem Tower (Saudi Arabia)
    Archiled 300 rgbwa lights up a private building



  • National Theatre Doha (Qatar)
    Dual 800 rgbw washes the National Theatre in Doha



  • National Grand Theatre (Beijing)
    Citybeam create an amazing scenery in Beijing



  • Yue Hu Bridge, Wuhan (China)
    Citycolor lights up the Wuhan Bridge in China



  • Blackpool Tower - UK
     Cityled rgb and Dual rgbw wash the Blackpool Tower in UK



  • Fairmont Hotel - Dubai
     Archiled 300 rgbwa shines at the Fairmont Hotel



  • Exhibition and convention center - Puebla
    Archibar 150 rgbw and Photowall 1200 wash the facades of the largest exhibition centre 
    of Latin America



  • Monumento a La Revoluciòn Mexicana - Mexico City
    Studio Due lights up the symbol of the bicentenary festivities


  • El Shorta Club - Il Cairo (Egypt)
    Archiled 150 rgba and Archibar rgbw light up the classic facade


  • Berna lighting project (Swiss)
    Studioled 600
    Citycolor 2500 



  • Goulburn - Australia
    Archiled 150 rgba 



  • National Institute of Dramatic Art
    Archiled 150 rgba wash the NIDA - Kensington (Australia)



  • Commercial Center Parking - Montreux (Swiss)
    Archiled 150 rgba 



  • Blackpool illumination (UK)
    Archiled 150 rgba 



  • Kuwait National Petroleum Company
    Citycolor 2500 wash the KNPC offices 


  • Kuwait Oil Company
    Citycolor 2500 shines at the KOC


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