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LED colour changers RGBW, RGBWA, RGBA

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art. 0902

The ARCHILED 300 is a LED Lighting fixture with a very smart and  small form factor, gentle, compact and highly reliable.
Amazing in terms of light output and extremely solid from a mechanical point of view.
Great colour spectrum, very low heat, no ... Learn More

ARCHILED FC (rgbw Full Color)
art. 1416

The ARCHILED FC is the last version of the Archiled range.
Renewed in the design the product maintain all key advantages of the Archiled family. It’ s compact, elegant, highly reliable and even more robust from a mechanical point of&... Learn More

art. 1103

The ARCHILED 200 DRS RGBW  can be considered as a further model of the well known Archiled family.
Equipped with 24 groups of four LEDs each. Clever design and very robust case, to ensure a very long term reliability specifically for harsh environments. ... Learn More

art. 1102

The ARCHILED 150 DRS RGBW is the smallest version of the DRS series.
It is equipped with 64 LEDs of 1W each combined in RGBW groups of 4LEDs. As for the ARCHILED family the design is clever and gentle. The robust case ensures a very long term ... Learn More

ARCHILED 150 DRS WB (White Balance)
art. 1108

The ARCHILED 150 DRS / White Balance belong to the ARCHILED family. It’s a variation of the ARCHILED 64M with more features specifically for the white balance function.
It is different from the ARCHILED 150DRS RGBW for the  inclusion... Learn More

ARCHILED 64/M (Monochromatic)
art. 1004

The ARCHILED 64/M is a LED Lighting fixture, IP66 and hence for outdoor applications.
The main feature that distinguish this fixture from the others coming from the same family, is the fact that emit monochromatic light.
This product don’t hav... Learn More

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